The air flies Trump’s wig discovering his true image

The air flies Trump’s wig discovering his true image

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The air flies Trump’s wig discovering his true image.

During the charity event that took place yesterday afternoon in the city of Reston (Washington), weather conditions played a trick on President Donald Trump.

Throughout the act, President Trump was uncomfortable because of the gust of wind that hit the place.

In addition, it can be seen that during the explanation of the charity project that Jayden Anderson carried out, Donald Trump from a discreet second row placed the briefcase that contained his speech in front of his face while his wife Melania helped him in his eagerness to recompose his hairstyle.

But it wasn’t until his rally began, when the most embarrassing moment for the President arrived ..

A few seconds after beginning to speak, among the gusts of air that had been bothering him during the whole act, an unexpected wind arrived that completely raised his well-known toupee, leaving the true image of President Trump on the air.

Embarrassed by the situation, he finished his speech in a hurry and left the act.

However, during the morning of today the President has posted on his Twitter account the full video and photos of what happened in this regard and acknowledging with humor the grace of the situation.

You can watch the full video here.



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