Una de las fotos más aclamadas tarda aproximadamente 10 horas en hacerse

Una de las fotos más aclamadas tarda aproximadamente 10 horas en hacerse

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mirador Noruega foto más aclamada

La moda de los selfie llegó para quedarse. Ahora vemos por la calle a personas de todas las edades sacándose fotos a sí mismos, ya sean individuales, de pareja o grupales.

Sin embargo, con tal de tener un «selfie bonito» muchas personas, sobretodo jóvenes ponen en riesgo su vida o hacen grandes esfuerzos por tener la foto perfecta.

Hay muchas portadas y redes sociales con una imagen espectacular desde el mirador Trolltunga en la región de Hordaland a 11 kilómetros de distancia del municipio de Odda (Noruega).

Las personas que van a Noruega casi siempre quieren ir a este mirador que recibe miles de visitantes al año por su excelencia. Este mirador es un acantilado a 1.100 metros sobre el nivel del mar.

Por ello, muy pocas personas cuentan el gran esfuerzo físico y de tiempo que supone ir al mirador. Además cuenta con una formación rocosa bastante peligrosa. Aproximadamente son 22 kilómetros de recorrido, por lo que supone entre 10 y 12 horas en ir y volver.

No obstante, las imágenes y los selfies desde este lugar son espectaculares, lo que lo convierte en uno de los lugares donde puedes hacer una de las fotos más aclamadas a pesar del tiempo y esfuerzo que conlleva.

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Watch more sunsets than Netflix ? #dbtravel

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Trolltunga Hike: This hike was 28km and is one of the most enjoyable things I’ve done.? The hike would have been 22km if Phoebe and I had started from carpark 1 of 3.? Unfortunately, the spaces had already filled up by 7am.? The lady at the 2nd car park informed us that because of the queues, the earliest shuttle bus we could catch would be at 8:30am.? This is where the day takes a turn for the worse for Phoebe.? You see some people may describe me as stingy… I’d prefer to say calculated? and after working out that completing the — 17 chicane, 3km walk, with a 1000m incline — to the 1st car park would only take us 1hr 15m, I was simply not prepared to part with my £20.? And so began a day of constant moaning from Phoebe, who despite being a personal trainer, didn’t seem too pleased with all the walking.? I think that despite this early disagreement, we ended up having a really enjoyable walking to the top (where these photos are taken).? It took a good 1hr 30m of queuing for both of us to get our photos. ? For this 1hr 30m my Fitbit probably thought I was having a heart attack? as the thought of falling off the edge (AND SEEING SOME MENTAL PEOPLE SIT ON THE EDGE) sent my heart rate through the roof.?❤️ This was such an enjoyable day and the photos we were able to take were breathtaking.? The day was so enjoyable in fact that the long walk down didn’t drag at all, and after stopping for some lunch, Phoebe’s mood had improved.? But this upswing in mood was about to hit a sharpe 180!? See Phoebe had made me promise that on the way back down, we would take the shuttle bus back.? I’m not being funny but was I prepared to go home having “almost completed” the full hike?? NO… and after tricking Phoebe into taking a wrong turn on the way back – forcing us into walking the full 28km, I learnt that sometimes, it’s better to be a failure than have an angry woman on your case.? With 3km to go, Phoebe had no food❌ no water❌ a bad knee❌ and a boyfriend who “didn’t know why she was so angry”.? I think it’s safe to say that after this debacle, I know not to push Phoebe to her limits again.?? Fun times hey Phoebe??❤️

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