Queen Sofía against Queen Letizia again

Queen Sofía against Queen Letizia again

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The entry into prison of Iñaki Urdangarín has only increased the problem that was unleashed after the instruction of the Noos Case. This issue divides the Royal Family and has already caused serious confrontations. The last one has as protagonists Doña Sofía and Reina Letiza. If before they were fatal, with the last movement of Queen Emerita the distance is already insurmountable.

Endless nightmare

Both Don Felipe and Mrs. Letizia were eager to have the Noos Case settled judicially. It meant the beginning of the end for the ex-dukes of Palma and don Juan Carlos. When Urdangarin and the Infanta Cristina were indicted in the case, documents came out that showed very clearly that the King Emeritus was not alien to the maneuvers of his son-in-law. In fact, there are certain emails that the former athlete exchanged with Corinna.

Doña Sofía accomplice of Iñaki

Iñaki Urdangarín arrived from Geneva to Madrid the day before entering prison. At the airport, four cars awaited him, which were dedicated to preventing journalists from discovering where he would spend his last night in freedom. Different guards were assembled in the house of some Bourbons, like the Infanta Elena or the Infanta Pilar. Nothing, there did not appear.

It is said that Iñaki had the support of Doña Sofía for her last night in freedom. Apparently, Queen Emerita would have prepared everything so that her son-in-law could rest before embarking on the road to jail. In Zarzuela, they deny that he stayed overnight. It is not necessary, since Mrs. Sofia has at her disposal different properties that serve her purpose.

The anger of Letizia

And once he entered prison, the Royal Family wanted to convey an image of normalcy. Infanta Cristina went to work in Geneva. Doña Sofía and her sister Irene went to eat at the house of Infanta Pilar. For his part, Don Juan Carlos ate at his daughter Elena’s house. As for the Kings, they were on an official trip in the United States. Well away from the danger zone and believing himself safe.

Queen Letizia was enraged when she learned that Dona Sofia had helped Iñaki solve her last night before entering prison. And it is that, Mrs. Letizia does not understand how her mother-in-law came up with such a plan given the damage that the ex-dukes of Palma have caused to the Crown. The sovereign interprets the support of Queen Emerita to Urdangarin as an affront intended to harm her. In this way, between them it is impossible to build bridges.

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